Bowers & Wilkins CM10

Floor Standing Speakers (Black)





The top-of-the-range CM10 breaks the mould for the CM Series - it's the only speaker in the rang to incorporate the pioneering tweeter-on-top design found in our flagship 800 Diamond Series.


And that's not the only feature this three-way floorstander shares in common with it's studio-quality cousins. As with 800 series Diamond speakers, the FST midrange driver is decoupled from the cabinet, resulting in the purset possible midrange frequencies, with minimum coloration from the speaker's three mighty paper/Kevlar bass units.

CM10 sets new standards of sonic performance for the CM Series. It delivers an open, crystal clear and powerful performance that surpasses that of CM9.


CM10 uses a new design, based in part on the research conducted on the carbon-braced tweeter employed in the PM1 loudspeaker. Here, the edge of the aluminium dome is strengthened using a second aluminium layer that replicates the main dome’s profile with the centre part cut out, giving a new ‘double-dome’ design.  This approach stiffens the whole structure and prevents the voice coil from going out of round  at higher frequencies.


The result is the best performance yet from a CM Series loudspeaker: the double-dome pushes the first break-up frequency up from the standard dome’s 30kHz to an even more impressive 38kHz. This makes the tweeter purer and more piston-like in the all-important audible band below 20kHz.


The result is exceptional clarity and control, even under duress..


  • Dimensions Height:  109cm (H) x 20cm(W) x 34cm (D)
  • Frequency Range:    28Hz-50kHz -6dB
  • Sensitivity:   90dB spl (2.83v, 1m)
  • Recomended Amplifier Power:   30Watt -300Watt of unclipped program
  • Net Weight:   33.4kgs
  • Drive Units:
  • 1 inch  - Aluminium dome high frequency,
  • 6 inch  - woven kevlar cone FST midrange,
  • 6.5 inch - 3 Paper/kevlar cone bass.